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Leave from Lima at 6:00 am. – Arrive to Lodge at 12:00m. approx.
Light Lunch, siesta.
03:00 PM. Walk to the Tintin beach to fish, a nice section of the river that makes a curve and it is a good  spa for fishing, enjoy the sun, a little jump in the cold wáter, thick sand.
06:00 PM Return and rest.
07.30PM. Dinner

06:30AM. Breakfast.
07:30AM. Leave to Laraos Community (Pumacocha lake) it is a long way to the lake, 4300 see level, we recommend this walk if you are a beginner, want to cath fish and not feel frustrated, there is so many trouts that it is imposible to not catch any, and talking to the people of the community the fishing might be done from a bote. Again it is sport fishing and it will be all day.
01:00PM. Lunch at the lake, trout on the grill, fresh trout on salt, the most delicious of the world!!!!
02:00PM. We will continue fishing
06:30PM. Return to the Lodge
07:30PM. Trouts baked on a wood oven – Relax, some drinks, table games, and a good conversation.


07:00AM. Breakfast
08:00AM. Leave to Piqui Lake – Fishing: Piqui is one of the most beautiful places of the Reserve, the birds and the trouts share this Paradise that you will be part of during your trip.
12:00 M. To Huancaya – pictures, fishing on the cascades, they form little ponds of unimaginable colors, sometimes it is a little dificult to catch trout but with patience, we can do everything.
02:00PM. Lunch (pic-nic), sandwichs or we make a fire and cook the trouts, all natural……
02:30PM. We will continue to Vilca, visiting the forest of love…
05:00PM. Return to the Lodge
07:30PM. Dinner, pizzas on a wood oven.

06:00AM. Optional – Light fishing under the bridge on the way to Pinos, very closet o the Lodge.
08:00AM. Breakfast
10:00AM. Depart to Lima City
Optional lunch in Lunahuana or Canete.



FIFTH DAY: Fishing or Tourism
TOURISM: Visit to the Carania community, trekking to the Huamanmarca fortress, all day.
FISHING: Yarinacocha lake 4,300 see level, very high and cold, but it is an adventure with a lot of rewards.
Fishing all day.
05PM. Return to the Lodge
07:30PM. Dinner

The prices will vary depending on the season, the days, the sites, and the number of people. Please check with us.
Thank you ¡!!!!!!!

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